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Mary-Laurence Bevington, MFA, Rev

Hi : ) I am Mary-Laurence, Mary~L., Mary, *Mary Be* a Spiritual Counselor & founder of Soul~Body~Yoga™, a Yoga System & an Intuitive Learning Center.

My primary service is giving Spiritual Counsel by appointment including Energy Healings with every session. To become skilled at reading energy, I studied energy awareness & meditation as a teenager, then started offering Oracle Readings when I was 20 & more recently I certified & became a Reverend / Spiritual Counselor and licensed minister through Psychic Horizons Center’s Seminary School Clairvoyant Program.

My work is informed by myriad workshops with the likes of Michael Tamura, Hope Hewetson, Mary Bell Nyman, Francisco Kaiut, Richard Freeman, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Erika Berland, Christian Pankhurst, Stephanie Fabella, mother nature, father sky & extended personal study.

Over the years I’ve certified in Clairvoyant Reading, Animal Communication, Heart Circle & Relationship Coaching™ through the Heart IQ™ Network, Yoga, Pilates, Massage & Wilderness First Responder.

Often I guide clients towards their life purpose, specific past lives that effect present time, future lives, relationships, releasing outdated beliefs & cultivating optimal health. Note that some sessions incorporate Pythagorean numerology, Tropical & Vedic astrology & Jungian archetypal theory by request & by happenstance. I’ve been an enthusiastic student of these wisdom systems for decades & find that this knowledge enhances my work in a subtle & profound way.

I hold a BA in English, Creative Writing from Colorado College & an MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. I have taught yoga since 1992 and currently specialize in Soul~Body~Yoga™, a system I developed that integrates Body Mind Centering™, Pilates, massage & experiential anatomy as well as energetic movement, freestyle play & Intuitive studies.

I’ve been an outdoor educator since 1988, primarily with Outward Bound, & am a fan of nature’s elemental spirits. I practice contemplative dance & am a dharma art protégé of Barbara Dilley & an active member of the art tribe. I love movement, theatre, poetry, play & screen writing & am blessed by many communities of family, friends, pets & my dear pal, Jimmy.

I was raised in Atlanta, GA & now live in the mountainous part of Colorado with my Siberian husky, Molly Brown.

Thanks ever so much for visiting & contact me for a reading soon!

What is Spiritual Counsel?

Spiritual Counsel sessions are similar to psychic readings. Each session aims to guide clients towards insights regarding topics such as: life purpose, past lives, financial well~being, next steps, & relationships. Sessions help release outdated beliefs & cultivate optimal health & radiance.

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