Butterfly Medicine for Entrepreneurs & Magic Makers™, a Dream Meditation…

How does your heart feel today, friend? Have you said hello to your next creation? Did you receive any messages, images, feelings in your night dreams? In your day dreams?

Take a moment, close your eyes so you can go inside you, beautiful you.

Ground your energy into the earth. Sense the sky. Set your space.

What sort of energy vibration do you feel running through your body? What sort of energy vibration would you like to feel running through your body?

As it follows, what do you long for now?

Imagine it. See it right in front of your intuitive eye. Does it have a color? A texture? Is there movement? Specificity? A sound? Is what you want written in words? Does it have a scent, like vanilla on a Sunday morning?

Encase what you’d like to realize for yourself in a magnificent, luminous bubble.

Commune with your longing ~ just the two of you.

Now take your bubble in your spirit hands, fold it down to a flat disc, and like a discus thrower in the Olympic games, spiral it with your whole body out to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

Allow today’s yearning to atomize into a 108 trillion particles of stardust…

…lovely and amazing.

As you throw your dream, feel into these words,

“I am ready for what I yearn for ~ and even better ~ to come back to me, blessed, bountiful and just right”!

Then, breath in calm, sweet oxygen and know that the butterflies ~ the harbingers of joy ~ will land on your receptive hand.

Video of this Mini Meditation can be found here. Enjoy and please share!

What is Spiritual Counsel?

Spiritual Counsel sessions are similar to psychic readings. Each session aims to guide clients towards insights regarding topics such as: life purpose, past lives, financial well~being, next steps, & relationships. Sessions help release outdated beliefs & cultivate optimal health & radiance.

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