Animal Communication

I provide Psychic Readings for Pets & I am certified in Animal Communication by Psychic Horizons Center & the Church of Inner Light Seminary. I tend to work with dogs, cats, and horses, but have also read birds, gerbils, and wild animals.

Just like when I read people, each Pet reading is customized according to a client’s primary focus &/or questions & I give energy healings as part of every Session.

I work by way of the phone, or the internet via Zoom where I can record sessions & clients can call~in if they wish, or in person and at events. Please be prepared to send me a picture of your pet.

Most readings last one hour and are customized according to my client’s primary focus &/or questions.

When I read pets I help clients:

  • Understand Pet~to~Person agreements
  • Heal the past
  • Negotiate behaviors & next steps
  • Align relationships with other pets & people
  • Help health issues, pet transitions & spirit healing

I include Energy Healings as part of every Session.

One Hour Session ~ $135
Reading in Writing ~ $45
*I accept crypto currencies. Please send them to and contact me for a customized time.*

Readings can be done by video conference, telephone or in writing (text or email)

Small Groups at events:
by appointment

I had the good fortune to to meet Mary through a mutual friend and I immediately felt a connection. After speaking with her, I learned that she did Intuitive Counsel readings for present and past pets, as well as humans. Well I had had a few heartaches over some past pets and my current pet, who at the time I was separated from for 1.5 years. I needed a way to check in with them so I called Mary.

During the reading she connected to my pets, past and current, so quickly. She started with my connection from past lives with them, sharing the situation in which we lived and the feelings that existed between us. For each of them I felt the information from the past lives rang true as it related to the relationships in this lifetime, which she also spoke about. It was incredible and enlightening.

My current pet, in communicating with her, had a last minute request that was diet related. My dog wanted veggies such as broccoli in her diet and I smiled because I knew that Tooley loved veggies, but at the time she was not getting any. Well she took the opportunity that arose to tell me and I immediately remedied the situation!!!

I still think back to her reading and enjoy the knowledge I gained from her communication with my pets.

Thank you Mary.

B Sanders, San Rafael, Calif.

What is Spiritual Counsel?

Spiritual Counsel sessions are similar to psychic readings. Each session aims to guide clients towards insights regarding topics such as: life purpose, past lives, financial well~being, next steps, & relationships. Sessions help release outdated beliefs & cultivate optimal health & radiance.

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