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Since 1992 I’ve taught Hatha Yoga, and I currently specialize in a yoga system I developed called Soul~Body~Yoga™.

Soul~Body~Yoga™ is an integration of Hatha Yoga, Body Mind Centering™, Pilates, experiential anatomy, freestyle play, massage & intuitive studies. The flow is Yin~like, often involves blankets & sand bags to feel a sense of compression & to help open joints. Students are also invited to freely move within many of the pose sequences to ignite their creative muscles.

The effect is deep nourishment & nervous system restoration, muscle strengthening & release. My approach is light~hearted & healing. A massage effect is often produced.

Private sessions last one hour and are customized according to my client’s primary focus & physical, mental, emotional & energetic requirements. I can provide a space & props, or go to your space or home for a session. I can also do sessions & Yoga consultations on the internet by way of Zoom or on the phone.

Additionally, Soul~Body~Yoga™ is an Intuitive Learning Center for groups & privates on the internet. Soul~Body~Yoga™ serves groups by way of workshops, protégé trainings & through custom group events.

Private Sessions:
$108 /1 hour, $27 / 15 min. if you’d like more than 1 hour.

Sessions can be done in a provided space, or I can come to your space or home. I can also do sessions by video conference or telephone.

Groups events, workshops, trainings:
by appointment

When thinking of time spent with Mary in her playshops and intuitive readings, one word comes to mind, and that is “joy”. Mary holds a loving and joyful space, and I felt that whatever came up for me during the time would be met with an awareness and kindness that could ultimately help me to heal and integrate. Her playshops and readings helped me connect head and heart, in order to process some emotionally difficult life experiences related to loss and grief. Mary’s gentle observations and re-frames gave me tools that I still use. I would eagerly attend any playshops in the future, and recommend her highly as an intuitive reader for anyone looking for deeper clarity in areas of relationships, well-being, and soul calling. Mary is deeply gifted in her arts, and her insight has made a remarkable difference in my life. Thank you Mary for the great wisdom you share!

Sara Anne N


I can still remember my first Yin yoga class with Mary, over five years ago on a late December afternoon. I had never tried Yin yoga, and after her class I was hooked. I loved the stillness and deep release that Mary’s careful guidance provided. Since that time, I’ve taken more yoga classes with Mary than I can count – Yin, Slow Flow, Astanga based Vinyasa and even a few Pilates classes. I’ve learned something new in each of her classes and really appreciate her deep knowledge of the theory and practice of Yoga and of the human body and mind. Mary has a very positive outlook and is enthusiastic to share her knowledge. She makes her classes accessible to all of her students regardless of their ability or experience. It has been a real pleasure to me to practice with and get to know Mary over the years, and I think you will enjoy her classes and teaching as much as I have.

Mark H

Boulder CO

Mary is one of the best yoga teachers and Intuitive Counselors I have ever come across in my 30 years of spiritual practice. She has wisdom from within herself as well as extensive experience studying with masters. Mary teaches and leads from her heart, and I am honored to have studied with her, as well as benefited from her guidance through difficult times.

Debra S


What is Spiritual Counsel?

Spiritual Counsel sessions are similar to psychic readings. Each session aims to guide clients towards insights regarding topics such as: life purpose, past lives, financial well~being, next steps, & relationships. Sessions help release outdated beliefs & cultivate optimal health & radiance.

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