Spiritual Counsel

I provide Spiritual Counsel by appointment.

Most readings last one hour and are customized according to my client’s primary focus and/or questions.

I work by way of the phone, or the internet via Zoom where I can record sessions & clients can call~in if they wish, or in person & at events. To become skilled at reading energy, I started offering Oracle Readings when I was 20 & more recently I certified & was ordained as a Reverend, a Spiritual Counselor, through Psychic Horizons Center’s Seminary School Clairvoyant & Animal Communication Programs.

My work is also informed by myriad workshops & extended personal study, which includes certificates in Heart Circle & Relationship Coaching™ through the Heart IQ™ Network.

Often I guide clients towards their life purpose, specific past lives that effect present time, future lives, relationships, releasing outdated beliefs & cultivating optimal health.

When I give a Spiritual Counsel Session I help clients:

  • Understand the past
  • Envision the future
  • Align relationships
  • Define next steps
  • Ignite present time joy

I include Energy Healings as part of every Session.

Mary Bevington Spiritual Counsel

One Hour Session ~ $135
Reading in Writing ~ $45
*I accept crypto currencies. Please send them to marybevington@mac.com and contact me for a customized time.*

Readings can be done by video conference, telephone or in writing (text or email)

Small Groups at events:
by appointment

I just wanted you to know how good I have felt since my reading! Thank you for your insights. You not only help clarify so much for me, but you give me such wonderful tools to work with. I feel so energized and it is amazing…I feel the same with the overall energy in my house. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Diane D

Artist and Certified Dance Educator

I had a session with Mary last week and it was incredibly helpful…When I experience something as profound as that session was, I feel inspired to share it…Mary provides a recording of the session and I feel like each time I’ve listened to it, I’ve received new insight, a new layer of intellectual or energetic awareness. It’s cool!

Mindela M

Project Manager, Heart IQ Network

I listened to the reading Mary gave me a year ago; holy wow wow wow! Not only did she help give me confidence and ease my mind/body as I entered into a major life transition, but she also helped me process my transformation in retrospect. I am so very greatful for Mary’s gift!

Monica D

Theatre Artist

What is Spiritual Counsel?

Spiritual Counsel sessions are similar to psychic readings. Each session aims to guide clients towards insights regarding topics such as: life purpose, past lives, financial well~being, next steps, & relationships. Sessions help release outdated beliefs & cultivate optimal health & radiance.

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